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History of SMF Ketels

The company was founded in 1926 at the same location it still operates. Adrianus Ketels bought the former shoe factory and made it into a tree greenery with a specialization in chemical insect and fungus control. The service was made available for others, and soon took off. As the service required more technical solutions they where developed in-house.

The mechanical ambitions grew and pushed the greenery slowly in the background. The second son of Adrianus, Henk Ketels transformed the company into pure mechanical tool shop, and machine building operation. Many unique projects have seen the light in this period. As technology advanced, the company kept up with the pace, always wanting to be at the leading edge. Pneumatics and hydraulics where the new technologies that where embraced and used in innovative ways.

In the early 1990's his two sons Arthur and Richard joined the company. They put in their own vision and expertise. Electronic control systems, sensor technologies and software were added to the portfolio.

SMF Ketels today

The company is now fully owned and run by two brothers Arthur Ketels and Richard Ketels. And although a small company, we have a team of 4 people, our creativity and dedication make more than up for it.